From The Fryer

From The Fryer

Agedashi Tofu -- Rice Cracker coating topped w/ Crab & Green Onion)

Cheese Tonkatsu -- Pork Cutlet with Cheese

Chicken Karage -- Japanse Fried Chicken

Chikuwa Isobeage -- Tempura and seaweed seasoned fish cake

Crab Claws -- Crab Claws breaded with house seasoned prawn

Croquette (2 pcs) -- Friend Panko Battered Potato, Crab Meat, and Corn

Geso Karage -- Fried Squid Legs

Gyoza (6 pcs)

Poke Trio -- Tempura Shiso leaf topped with Poke Tuna, Salmon and Hamachi) 

Popcorn Shrimp -- Served with house made Spicy Mayo

Shrimp Swirl Pop -- Served with AO nori and Spicy Mayo/ Tonkatsu sauce

Soft Shell Crab

Takoyaki -- Battered Octopus Ball

Tempura Plate (2 pc Tempura Shrimp and assorted vegetables)

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